Characteristics of trailers

caracteristicas de remolques
The main features of our trailers are:
  1. Built-in indicator lamps, protected against shocks.
  2. Rear holder with protective function. It serves to leave the trailer upright.
  3. Lid closings with a key.
  4. Reinforced door locks with spring pressure.
  5. Easy opening of the polyester lids and quickly removable.
  6. Reinforced points of the axle for added strength.
  7. PVC mudguards, the best aesthetics and no danger of cuts
  8. Folds in the sheet, the best aesthetics and greater sturdiness
  9. Torsion suspension axles.
  10. Support leg in "V" shape protecting the head
  11. All trailers are equipped with spare tyre.
URBENI has a wide range of trailers for loading all kinds of objects and animals, bikes and quads..
The trailer is the safest solution to carry the load, ideal in comparison with other types of systems on the market. It offers the best market stability and integration options that simplify life.
When it comes to choose a trailer, it is necessary to take into account the use that it is intended to. At Urbeni, trailers are classified according to:
Apart from trailers, all the accessories to equip and repair a trailer are available at  URBENI.
Please bear in mind the following points to rightly choose the trailer for your vehicle:
  • Maximum allowable load: Check the maximum towable mass (MTM) of the vehicle.
  • Dimensions of the trailer: Check the dimensions of the place that you looked for to keep it, bear in mind that all our models can be stored in an upright position
  • Warranty
  • Measure of the tyres
  • Surge brake
  • Accessories to be installed (jockey wheel, metallic cover, polyester cover, canvas etc)
  • Pole in “V” shaped or straight rudder
At Urbeni you will find all the accessories that you need to keep in peak condition your trailer, among them the following:

Jockey Wheel

It makes easier the trailer transport, both with and without load. It stabilizes and hold the weight of the load and the trailer, thus you can drag the trailer yourself without great effort.

Polyester cover 

It gains more height (until 45cm) on the trailer with a polyester cover. Thanks to its locks, it will make the trailer box a closed compartment.


It is the cheapest way to close the box of a trailer and thus transport without any danger the goods you wish.

High canvas

It maximizes the size of your trailer. It places upper holders to fix your canvas. Like this, it will increase the possibilities of transporting bulky objects and even small cattle.

Support-holder pole

It makes easier the loading and unloading of the trailer without the need of having it hooked on the vehicle.
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