Dog carrier

portaperros sobre bola  The Dog Carrier allows you to transport your dogs in the easiest, cleanest and most comfortable way.
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  • It keeps your car clean and odour-free
  • It maneuvers easily
  • It does not limit the speed of the vehicle.
  • Rapid and easy assembly without tools
  • It gets fitted by one person in less than 1 minute
  • The biggest in the market, inner measures: Width 1090 mm, High 640mm ,Depth 590mm
  • The box lid can be used as a table
  • The Plus version comes with extensible sliding rails to ease the access to the boot/trunk. It only moves along, it does not tilt.
  • It gets cleaned easily as it has drain holes

Technical Features
  • It complies with the Traffic RGV ruling (Real Decree. 1428/2003, II chapter, 15 article), it says:
      " The load that comes out from behind the vehicle should be signalled with the plate V20".
  • Validated according to the Directive 74/483 EC
      "The outer surface should not have neither sharp parts nor projections directed to the outside".
  • It is not necessary to go through the MOT
  • Built of polyethylene, high thermal insulation.
  • High resistance to shocks, twists and corrosion.
  • Reverse indicator lamp and fog lamp
  • Front access door with great ventilation for the dogs
  • Security hook that avoid vibrations in the box
  • Wheels in the box to assist in its movement
  • The version 4x4 plus is valid for vehicles 4x4 with spare tyre on the door provided that the difference “X”  is always superior to 20mm(see drawing)
  • Electrical installation of 13 poles, it includes an adaptor from 13 to 7 poles
-Assembly instructions 

-Advertising brochures
    desmontaje porta perros
    box carrier 4x4
    Dog Carrier Plus Assembly ( with sliding rails) Dog carrier Plus 4x4
    Ref. Modelo weight allowed in dog carrier s=maximum weight vertically Maximum

    40995 Dog Carrier Plus (plate V20 included)
    37 Kg
    75 Kg
    38 Kg

    40991 Dog Carrier Plus 4x4 (plate V20 included)
    37 Kg
    75 Kg
    38 Kg
    40939 Plate V20

    measures dog carrier
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